Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is a chemical polymer solution that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle to protect it from external paint damage. Leaving your car cleaner for longer periods of time as well as protection from harmful UV rays and chemical stains

Window Tinting

Unlike dye-based window films that often fade and discolor over time, the ceramic tint will never change colors or fade even after years of exposure to sunlight. Ceramic window tints can protect you from 99% of the UV rays that enter the car. Ceramic window tints also allow only 50% of light to enter the vehicle, which makes drivers safer as there would be no sunlight glare.

  • Calipers:

    Paint calipers for added style to your vehicle.

  • Clear bra:

    Protective film for your vehicle, protect your paint from scratching and chipping caused by road debris.

  • Blackout:

    Blackout of chrome and tail lights

  • Wrap:

    Drastically change the appearance of your car! The design options include a standard glossy color, gradient color, matte finish, chrome metallic color, and full-on graphics treatments.

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